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4/10/2013 · Category: Power and heat generation. A combined-cycle power system typically uses a gas turbine to drive an electrical generator, and recovers waste heat from the turbine exhaust to generate steam. The steam from waste heat is run through a st

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About OTSG | I

Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generators (OTSGs) are the most significant advancement in steam generation in over a century. Until the 1980s, conventional drum boilers were used to produce steam. At about this time, the US Navy investigated the use of

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Heat recovery — HeatCa

This concentration makes it cheap and easy to move the heat from the source to the demand. Steam in particular is useful because it takes advantage of latent heat. As heat is taken from the steam, it remains the same temperature (it just turns from steam

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Combined Cycle Power Plants - I m

IMIA Workgroup 92(15) – Combined Cycle Power Plants _____ Natural gas or liquid fuel is burned in the combustion turbine (1) creating a constant pressure which spins a generator (2) producing electricity. The combustion turbine exhaust waste heat and mass

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Heat recovery steam generat

Applications. Heat recovery can be used extensively in energy projects. In the energy-rich Persian Gulf region, the steam from the HRSG is used for desalination plants. Universities are ideal candidates for HRSG applications. They can use a gas turbine to

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