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Wood Heater Products “The Rocket”, wood heater is now more than ever saving you money, by making hot water without the use of electricity, gas or paraffin.“The Rocket” designed and manufactured in South Africa, is a Combustible Fuel (typically dry wood),

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Build a "Donkey" water heater

2012/10/18 · Hi Gents, Does anybody have a hand sketch, photo or description of how to build a water heater placed over a fire - like a "Donkey" Is this the easiest / cheapest way to heat water for a semi-permanent camp for 6 pax ? Can you use an old gas

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South Africa camping | Love Explori

5/30/2011 · *If, from the description at the start of this entry you are wondering what a donkey boiler is, it’s an old fashioned hot water geyser. It works very simply- make a decent fire in the opening and feed it wood every so often to keep it hot.

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