Palm Kernel Shel

Palm shells - coconut shells and palm kernel shells - a natural sustainable, renewable and environmental pellet to go directly into existing Stokers and Power Plants, 30-40 percent

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Palm Kernel Shell | Biofuel Resour

Palm kernel shell is a well known biomass product because of it small in size and high in heat energy or calorific value. Palm kernel is kernel from oil palm fruit. After the oil palm fruit gone through the palm oil process, the kernel will be separated a

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PCC ORGANIC OILS GHANA LIMITED is 100% owned by the German PCC SE Group holdings present in 17 countries with 39 branches around the world and with over 3000 employees. Our company was established in 2012 with an objective to produce high quality palm ker

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Palm kernel meal | Feediped

Palm kernel meal is an important feed ingredient and the by-product of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.).This palm tree is cultivated for its oils rich in highly saturated vegetable fats: the palm oil, extracted from the fruit flesh; and the palm ker

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