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Wood pellet boilers are suitable for people who are interested in saving money, lessening their environmental impact, and keeping their heating dollars close to home. With our weakening economy, and massive increases in fuel prices, this is the time to ch

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Our Pellet Boilers Love the Way You Heat. End Your Reliance on Fossil Fuels for Good. Kedel is an affordable and reliable pellet boiler that will completely replace your current heating system. Our boilers can be configured in many different ways to meet

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Log/Pellet/Woodchip. How do Biomass Boiler systems work? - Woodchips are currently the cheapest form of heating fuel according to the Biomass Energy Centre - The Renewable Heat Premium Payments offer a grant of £950 to help with the upfront costs of i

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Wood Pellet Boile

Biomass wood pellet boilers produce energy efficient heating and hot water for your premises using affordable, convenient View the complete range of SOLARFOCUS wood pellet boilers below. If you would like help and advice to choose the best biomass pellet.

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After cooling the pellets are either bagged or loaded into container lorries for bulk distribution. Wood pellets as biomass are basically used for residential heating and burned in high efficiency stoves, fireplaces, and central heating systems. There is

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